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Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Injuries (AKA: Whiplash, Cervical Hyperextension Injury)

Whiplash Whiplash is caused by an abnormal motion or force applied to your neck that causes movement beyond the neck's normal ranges of motion. Injury occurs to the soft tissues of your neck (specifically ligaments, tendons, and muscles). This type of injury can occur not only from motor vehicle crashes, but sporting activities, accidental falls, and assault.

More specifically, the following terms are also forms of cervical hyperextension injury: sprain strain of the cervical spine, radiculopathy, discitis.
Usually, the first area of care would come from an emergency department. Some prescription drugs may be supplied or prescribed, and follow-up care would be offered by one of their ‘extension’ doctors, or they may direct you to your own. The following is a short list of common complaints following this type of spinal injury: Neck pain and stiffness, headache, fatigue, radiation of pain into the shoulder or arm, back pain, dizziness, difficulty resting, blurred vision. It is important to get the opinion of a specialist, who has extensive knowledge on the entire rehabilitation process. Usually, symptoms diminish after a course of physical therapy.

The staff at Advanced Physical Medicine recognizes these types of injuries and can prescribe a proper treatment plan to return you to your regular activities of daily living, pain-free!

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