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Weight Loss Clinics in Chicago & Oak Park

Many Chicago area residents, who seek healthy weight loss are turning to the integrated program at Advanced Physical Medicine. Our clinics in Chicago and Oak Park have helped hundreds lose weight and maintain good health.

We are compassionate and understand how hard it is to maintain a specific weight, that is why our doctors are skilled at adopting our weight loss program to the nutritional and physical needs of every individual and we can provide you with diet planning and exercises in order to reach your goals. Our integrated with loss approach includes many features, each of which by itself is highly effective to achieve a certain weight objective, but put together they form our revolutionary program, which can help a person with any amount of excess weight lose it quickly and keep it down. These features include:

  • Personal Training - proper exercise is the cornerstone of any weight loss program, which is why our team includes personal training professionals that can keep you motivated and losing weight
  • Colon Hydrotherapy - this effective technique helps break up and cleanse off those intestinal contents that make your body hold on to fat and make you feel heavy and constipated. Natural weight loss, done right.
  • Massage Therapy - this is a largely overlooked, but very effective weight loss technique. Massage helps improve the body's lymphatic flow and thus helps you lose pounds of water weight. In addition, massage naturally increases the body's metabolism, which in combination with healthy eating and exercise produces impressive weight loss results.
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