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Sports Injuries

Sport Injuries The human body is a complex system of high cellular structure. Physical medicine focuses on the musculoskeletal system, which is responsible for the most intricate movements related to the central nervous system. Made up of 206 bones , the human skeleton is supported by structures that anchor muscles, called tendons. Ligaments, which are strong fibers, attach bone to bone and are responsible for the stability and reinforcement of a joint. The function of a particular muscle depends on the integrity of the joint it is associated with.

Our Physical Therapy Department uses a variety of diagnostic tools to assess your complex musculoskeletal system. Whether you enjoy runni ng, tennis, golf, swimming, volleyball, soccer, football, basketball or baseball, take advantage of our preventative injury programs. Our physical therapy team will educate you in proper stretching and body mechanics, which will allow you to excel and enjoy your favorite activities, reducing the risk of injury.

If you have been injured, whether it’s a simple ankle inversion sprain, hamstring pull, knee injury or back or neck injury, call us for an immediate evaluation. Remember that the goal is always prevention and proper body mechanics can prevent loss of function and ultimately…injury!

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