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Runners and Triathletes

Chicago Runners & Triathletes

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Our staff is trained in the care, treatment and prevention of injuries related to running. Common injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, ankle sprains and shin splints can be avoided with proper evaluation and training. Conditions such as piriformis syndrome, sciatica and knee-related injuries are also common, but preventable as well. With state-of-the-art diagnostics, we can easily evaluate and treat all running related injuries. Our multi-disciplinary approach and experienced team of physicians will work together to assess, manage and educate you back to optimal health.

Customized orthotics are available thru out Podiatry department for those suffering from foot and ankle pain, which is most commonly caused by a condition known as plantar fascitis. Exercise therapy and rehabilitation and post-surgical management is handled by our licensed physical therapist. One-on-one personal training is offered by our certified personal trainer. And of course, proper spinal alignment can be maintained by our board certified Chiropractic Physicians.

So, whatever your goals may be, contact us now so that we can help you get "back in your game"!

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