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Physiatry Treatment

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Advanced Physical Medicine's physiatrists are ready to relieve your pain. They are experts at diagnosing pain and identifying its source, as well as restoring your maximum function that was lost through injury or illness. They are trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation and are available to treat problems spanning from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. Once they find the source of your pain, they will design a treatment plan to be implemented by the physiatrist and you, and additional physicians if necessary.

Our physiatry experts will treat you as a whole, not just your problem area. Treatments for arthritis, low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, sport- and work-related injuries are all within the realm of our Joliet physiatrists' expertise. We can also make you an appointment related to an amputation, prosthesis, stroke or other cardiac problem and cancer. After an initial evaluation and history, the physiatrist will ask you a number of questions about your condition and limitations. Then he or she will create an exercise plan to overcome your injury without going beyond your limits and causing additional pain. If a physician recommends surgery, a physiatrist can help you with both pre- and post-operative care.

If you are looking for help with pain or an advocate for your total wellness, make an appointment with our physiatry experts today!

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