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Personal Training

Personal Training in Chicago & Oak Park

personal training Personal training is the best way to achieve and maintain muscle tone, which allows for more efficient and controlled movement. Personal training sessions with our specialist can result in stronger back muscles, increased bone density, and an improved range of motion. At our offices in Chicago and Oak Park, you'll find personal trainers who use MedX's core spinal fitness systems and state-of-the-art, medically designed fitness machines for strengthening your entire body.

We also offer a new treatment that goes well beyond traditional physical therapy. After years of guarding their backs for fear of injury, back-pain sufferers who can barely walk or stand are subjected to grueling exercises, using their back muscles to stretch and push weight. Called aggressive rehabilitation, those who soldier through the treatments call it a miracle cure. A number of recent studies show back-pain sufferers who use aggressive exercise are far more likely to return to work, have less pain, and are less likely to seek additional back treatments than those who undergo more traditional treatments. http://medxonline.com/videos.php?video=crespo

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