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Patient of the Year

Natalia Shuvalova, Patient of the Year


As a patient at Advanced Physical Medicine, I would like to thank the entire staff for all of the wonderful, professional services and treatments that I received over the year. The staff have always reminded me of appointments and have always been friendly, welcoming and supporting, not just to me, but to every patient that has walked in the door.

I have been going through Dr. Russo's adjustments and Mariya's massages once or twice a week as well as attending yoga classes with Stacey. I feel much better and stronger now, I forgot about my headaches and back pain. Dr. Russo taped my back after adjustments which supported my muscles and correcting my posture. Yoga classes were also very helpful, as I am now stronger and much more flexible.

The office is always clean with high-tech design. I enjoy reading the educating wall-monitor TV in the reception area which always gives me good, healthy advice and explains the benefits of everything APM has to offer.

I greatly recommend and refer my family, friends, and co-workers to APM.

Natalia Shuvalova
Customer Service Representative
ArcelorMittal International, North America

Disclaimer: Criteria which decides patient of the year includes, but is not limited to the amount of patient referrals, patients attending their scheduled appointments, being on time for all appointments and following the treatment recommended by the clinician.

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