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Pain Management

Sport Injuries Our highly trained staff, using state of the art diagnostics, will evaluate and treat your chronic condition with a variety of modalities, that is why we are known as a premier Chicago pain management clinic. The practitioners will work together as a “team” to develop a treatment plan designed just for you. We provide our patients with the most conservative approach, focusing on the cause and removing the related symptoms. From minor muscle aches, to more major pain (such as the type with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, herniated/protruding discs), you will be referred to our in-house team of physicians who will guide you through developed protocols to return you to optimal health.

Pain management has a role in identifying the precise source of the problem and isolating the optimal treatment. By achieving this, the structure(s) within the body which are responsible for generating the pain are indentified, isolated and then repaired through measures that may be minimally invasive, but are long lasting. So call our Chicago chiropractic clinic today and schedule and appointment.

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