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Physical pain can stop you in your tracks and lead to a devastating blow to your quality of life. If you are suffering from any sort of pain, including back, neck and joint pain, a specialist with the knowledge and skills to devise a quality treatment plan is a good idea for you. If you live in Maywood, you can find highly trained physicians at Advanced Physical Medicine who specialize in non-surgical solutions to whatever ails you.
Our Maywood chiropractic and acupuncture specialist will be able to accurately diagnose the source of your pain and then strategize a solid plan for tackling the problem head on. No matter the issue, we have the tools to help with an array of services that include physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and health and wellness coaching.

When you meet your Maywood chiropractic and acupuncture physician for the first time, he or she will begin by assessing your past medical history. The physician will then perform a number of various diagnostic tests including neurological, physical and orthopedic examinations. They may also conduct lab tests, X-Rays or other imaging tests to determine the cause of your physical pain.

Once a diagnosis is reached, we will formulate a treatment plan that is just for you. There are a number of ways that your pain can be addressed and your specialist will be able to decide what the best route is for getting you back to your everyday life without pain.

The many different options available at Advanced Physical Medicine for treating physical ailments include:
  • Spinal manipulation or adjustment
  • Braces, straps or tapes
  • Counseling on diet, exercise and nutrition
  • Specific stretches
The duration of your treatment will vary depending on the severity and location of your injury. Sometimes people can have relief within a session or two, sometimes more treatments are required.

Our Maywood acupuncture specialist provide treatment for issues ranging from migraines to depression. Visit the Advanced Physical Medicine center to meet with a Maywood chiropractic and acupuncture specialists to address what ails you.

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