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Educational Experience

Educational ExperienceThe doctors at Advanced Physical Medicine are dedicated to furthering the education of students who are enrolled in courses of study in the healthcare profession. We have developed programs in our office that will fulfill the externship requirement for certified medical assistants and certified billing and coding specialists.

The 160 hour program is designed to give the extern the additional education and hands-on experience required to graduate. Our multi-specialty facilities will allow the extern to experience an approach to healthcare like no other. Working with a number of specialists will give the student the opportunity to find their interests so that when they do graduate, they will be able to choose a field that suits them best.

For a number of years,we have been a "preferred site" for a number of colleges including MIDWESTERN CAREER COLLEGE (www.MCCollege.edu).

If you are a student enrolled in any of the above schools, and would like more information about our extership program, or would like to submit your resume, please contact one of our team members.
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