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Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray Chicago & Oak Park

digital x-ray We believe in making your diagnosis and treatment as easy for you as possible. That's why we have one of Chicagoland's first on-site digital X-ray system in our Oak Park and Chicago clinics. Not only can digital X-rays keep a patient safer from radiation, they can speed up the entire examination and diagnostic process, because it eliminates film development time.

With the digital X-ray, the image goes from the X-ray tube to a computer screen within seconds. Your referring physician or medical specialist can now view the requested image on a personal computer - where viewing is easier than ever - in mere minutes after the exam and several physicians can see the images simultaneously. Plus, the patient can also keep copies of their X-rays on compact discs for convenience and continued use.

With convenient locations in Chicago and Oak Park, Advanced Physical Medicine is a clear choice for Chicagoland's digital X-ray imaging needs. Contact us today to schedule your visit.
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