Debunking 4 Popular Exercise Fads

Late-night television is jam packed with fitness solutions both realistic and ridiculous. In the end, good old fashioned hard work is the only thing that is guaranteed to get you into shape. But, for humor’s sake, let’s take a look at five of the worst exercise fads.

1. 8-Minute Abs
Worst Exercise Fads AbsGet a six-pack in just 8 minutes a day? Yeah! Not so much. The fact is ab exercises alone will never get you a washboard stomach. Most of us already have a six-pack beneath a healthy layer of fat. Thus, getting the stomach you want means you need to be lean. Conditioning, including cardiovascular exercise and weight training, and a healthy diet are more effective than 8-minutes of crunches will ever be.
2. Sauna Suits

Failed Exercise FadsSure, you look ridiculous in that plastic bag, but at least you won’t need an umbrella in the rain. And that’s about all these silly suits are good for. The promise is that the suits will make you sweat out more pounds during your exercise routine. The problem is that you’re losing water weight, not fat. A glass of water will put the weight right back on. Furthermore, wearing the suit is actually BAD for you. In the worst cases, the body overheats and can lead to heat stroke, fainting and cramps.

3. Thigh Master

Unsuccessful Exercise FadsWho is the first person you think of when you think of the Thigh Master? Suzanne Somers, for sure. It should, however, be professional scammer Joshua Reynolds. Not only did Reynolds develop the Thigh Master, he was also the man behind the mood ring fad that swept the nation in the 70s and 80s. (Fun fact: he is an heir to R.J. Reynolds and all his cigarette money.) Does the Thigh Master work? The exercise might give the appearance of muscle if done in excess, but won’t actually increase strength. Simple squats are much more effective.

4. Vibrating Belts

Worst Exercise Fads

Preying on the laziness of late-night television watchers, these devices offered a completely exercise-less solution to weight loss. These belts supposedly use electronic muscle stimulation to trim down belly fat. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything but wear the belt. The commercial shows actors going about their daily business (cooking, reading, cleaning, working) all the while wearing their ‘shocking’ weight loss accessory. I’m amazed a single one of these things sold…well, no I’m not.

Getting healthy is important, of course. But, don’t waste time and money on silliness like these exercise fads. Instead, consult a personal trainer and develop a workout regimen that actually will work.

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