At Home and In-Office Workouts

Finding time to fit in a workout can seem like an impossible task with a full time job and then any at home routine for your family such as dinner and homework help after work.  Toning up a bit does not need a whole weight machine system or a gym membership, there are quick moves that can be done from the comforts of your office chair!  While typing up that report, you could work those legs a bit and feel better for those days where you have to run and catch that train!  There are many at home or in office workouts that will get your heart rate going and muscles pumping, and they are so easy that they’ll be no excuse not to fit them in somewhere in the day!

Office chair leg exercises.

Why just sit in a chair when you can turn it into your own personal gym?  Leg extensions are very easy to and require you to sit up straight with abs tucked in then lift one leg until it is straight in front of you, hold for a couple of seconds and then lower.  Repeat this for about 16 reps on each side!  You could also work on those jiggly inner thighs by putting a water bottle in between your knees, holding it tight with your legs and then releasing halfway (don’t drop the bottle!) and tightening again.  Do this as well for about 16 reps.  If no one is around to look at you crazily, you can do some squats at your desk to tone your thighs and butt so that they will look like you spend time caring how you’ll look in your jeans.  Stand up and then sit down slowly, tightening your butt muscles as you do so.  Soon enough, a cute perky booty could be your reward!

Office chair arm exercises.

Fancy having Michelle Obama’s sleek toned arms?  Then work on them while you are at that office!  With a full water bottle, you can do bicep curls on each arm.  To work the triceps hold the water bottle straight in front of you, raise it to about shoulder level, then continue it behind your head and over your shoulder.  Make the arm straight and slowly lower it back down again in front of you.

Workout DVDs.

At home, there are many workout dvds formatted to be quick, fun, and for the person without a lot of time.  They often don’t require much equipment other than maybe a light dumbbell, a kitchen chair, floor mat,  or an exercise ball so no need for super expensive equipment.  There are boot camp style dvds, hip hop and dance inspired workouts, mommy workouts, sexy flirty girl workout dvds, and many other options to choose from!  They generally last for 15-30 minutes, so they can easily be fit into your schedule at some point.

Chasing the kids around.

Having an hour of play time with the kids will be a good way for everyone to get in shape!  Go kick around a soccer ball, jump rope/play double dutch, play tag, throw around a frisbee, or chase the dog around the block.  Everyone will have a good time and it gets some activity happening instead of lounging around the television or playing video games.

There are many ways to fit in a workout if someone is so inclined.  Choose an above option or two, put down the donut and mocha latte frappe with whip, and get those glutes in shape!

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