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Advanced Physical Medicine offers the most comprehensive and effective rehabilitation to various patients across the country. Having incorporated a non-surgical approach to healing with state-of-the art machines (DRX 9000 & Antalgic Trak) for herniated and bulging discs (back pain), degeneration of the spine and whiplash (neck pain), no longer will YOU have to face another day in pain.

Having been in business for over 10-years, Advanced Physical Medicine not only treats herniated disc/back pain and whiplash/neck pain, but also knee, ankle and hip pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders, planter fascitis, shin splints, headaches/migraines, impingement syndrome, sciatica, trigger points, arthritis, as well as, sports-related, work-related and motor vehicle injuries. Treatments are done by our professional staff covering a multi-facet rehabilitation approach which includes:

. Chiropractic Care
. Physical Therapy
. Colon Hydrotherapy
. Acupuncture
. Decompression Therapy
. Light Therapy
. Massage Therapy
. Kinesio Taping
. Personal Training
. Weight Loss Assistance
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